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With 2018 rapidly coming to an end, we are responding to the request of several of our clients to begin publishing tips and insights concerning the use of compact specialty lifts. For hundreds of you, HAS is already familiar as the go-to company that helps solve your high access challenges.

A New Way of Looking at Construction and Maintenance
For those of you new to HAS, we are one of the early pioneers in the use of these state-of-artlifts. It has been exciting to watch as the capabilities of these machines reshape the waycompanies approach construction projects. Increasingly, we see these lifts growing intoindispensable tools to provide services such as:

  • Navigate stairs
  • Fit in freight elevators
  • Work on gymnasium floors
  • Work over warehouse shelving
  • Work on stages
  • Work in historical buildings
  • Work over basements
  • Work on soccer/football fields
  • Navigate grassy or landscaped areas with no damage
  • Work over escalators
  • Work over swimming pools
  • Work on top level of parking garages
  • Work on the altar or pulpit area
  • Work on weight restricted surfaces
  • Work in small atriums indoor and outdoor
  • Reach 10 stories in atriums
  • Reach stage rigging
  • Drive and work on pedestrian walkways
  • Provide a safe work platform for roof, siding or glass installation
  • Access to light standards on playing fields
  • Access to upper floors – we can work on upper floors
  • Access, clean and replace lights and sound panels in churches and auditorium settings
  • Access hard-to-reach fire sprinkler heads, heat sensors for maintenance or replacement
  • Access the upper bowl of stadium facilities
  • Work in warehouses, boiler rooms, complex industrial areas

Sharing our Experiences and Solutions

Of course, any tool is only as good as its user. We are excited about the ongoing growth of this market and our own company’s expansion plans. Sign up today for our blog and take advantage of the insights and solutions we will be sharing here. We are providing useful tips and ideas, as well as reviewing case studies of some of our more challenging projects.Remember, “Our Lifts Go Where Others Can’t”, and we look forward to sharing some of our experiences and secrets with you here.


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